Sartorius LE225D Expert Analytical Balance

$ 2,650.00

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Strong signals for the laboratory
The Sartorius Expert series offers premium technology at attractive conditions. Just one “expert” glance at the appealing, high-quality design is bound to convince you – from the display to the weighing pan. You’re looking at 15 Laboratory Expert balances – called LE for short. They are the next generation of advanced technology based on the proven concept of the Sartorius Competence series.

The mechanical heart of each LE model is a patented, monolithic weigh cell that provides for reliable and extremely accurate weighing results. LE models are excellent for use as testing and measuring instruments in well-known quality systems, such as GLP/GMP, ISO9000/2000 or EN17025.


  • isoCAL - all LE models are equipped with the isoCAL internal calibration and adjustment function. If a certain level of temperature difference is detected in the environment following a factory-set interval, this function independently calibrates and subsequently adjusts the balance. This feature provides two decisive advantages for use in the laboratory:
    1. It ensures regular calibration and adjustment, which are requirements when these balances are used in quality systems. In addition, performance of these procedures is ensured fully automatically.
    2. The balances always operate at the same high level of accuracy
  • The balance can also be internally calibrated or adjusted whenever necessary at the simple touch of a key
  • ISO | GLP Compliant Recording - In addition to measurement data and raw data, every calibration and adjustment that is performed on the balance is automatically recorded, either by an optional printer to which data are transferred via the data interface or by a PC. These records include all required IDs, such as date, time, balance model, serial number and signature block for the operator
  • Flexible Draft Shield Design - The draft shield on the semi-microbalance and analytical balances (0.01 mg and 0.1 mg models) is made entirely of glass and features wide-opening doors for optimal access to the weighing pan. The spacious weighing chamber enables any type of sample to be placed quickly and securely onto the weighing pan. For easy cleaning of the draft shield, all parts of the weighing chamber base can simply be removed. If necessary, the entire draft shield can be lifted off . The triangular draft shield on all models with 1 mg readability provides flexibility in working with these balances. The individually removable panels of the draft shield (left, right or front) ensure that both left-handed and right-handed users have excellent access to the weighing pan.
  • On 0.001-g models, glass draft shield with removable side panels and hinged cover
  • On 0.01-mg | 0.1-mg models, tall, all-glass draft shield
  • Bidirectional RS-232C interface port
  • Built-in, motorized calibration weight
  • Hanger for below-balance weighing (optional for design 4)
  • Overload protection
  • ISO | GLP-compliant recording| printout capability (in combination with the Sartorius YDP03-0CE printer or a PC)
  • Application programs: weighing in %, nettotal formulation, dynamic weighing|animal weighing (weigh averaging), mass unit conversion by toggling, counting
  • Print mode for current menu settings
  • Electronic vibration filters for adapting the balance to the conditions prevailing at the place of use
  • Leveling feet, level indicator, lug for attaching an anti-theft locking device
  • 2 tare keys (for left- and right-handed persons)
  • Keys with positive click action

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