Equipment Services


Equipment Repair/Rebuild:

We service and repair a number of laboratory, industrial and scientific equipment including HPLCs, GCs, Osmometers, Centrifuges, and many others. Call us today to speak with a technician!


Validation, Calibration and Metrology:

TF Scientific offers off and on-site validation, metrology, and calibration services for pipettes, HPLCs, GCs, equipment, etc. We offer mapping services for refrigeration studies and NIST traceability for all of our metrology services.  We schedule around your production or equipment use schedule -- keeping your equipment up-time and production capacity at it's highest.   


Leasing Options:

We offer various leasing options for small and large scientific instrumentation. All of our instrument and rentals include calibration for the term of their use. Talk to us today about Pipettes, HPLCs, GCs, glassware, and or any other type of lab, medical or industrial instrumentation.  



Instrument Repair/Rebuild Calibration/Metrology/Validation
HPLCs (Agilent, Dionex/Thermo, Waters) X X
Empower/Chromeleon/Chemstation Integration X X
Karl Fisher Titration Systems X X
Balances X X
Pipettes X X
Osmometers X X
Thermometers X X
Conductivity/pH Meters X X
Centrifuge X X
TOC/Hydrocarbon Analyzers/FID X X
Skalar X X