Equipment Removal and Derequisitioning

Have old equipment that is no longer in use by your company? Let us help you derequisition your idle equipment.  TF Scientific understands your company’s concerns regarding possible chemical and biological contaminates. Therefore, we make every effort to clean equipment properly before transferring, up-cycling or recycling any of your used equipment. Your company can rest assured that not only is equipment being salvaged, up-cycled and reused – it’s being done in a safe and cautious manner without damage to streams, landfills or untrained individuals. Whether you're ready to sell your old equipment or dispose of it, give us a call or send an email and let us help you with a solution.


Equipment we are looking for:

Laboratory Equipment: Pipette, HPLCs, UPLCs, GCs, ICs, Glassware, mass spec, Microscopes, PCR, Conductivity Meters, Filtration, Hot plates, loggers, multimeters, freezers, fume hoods, etc

Scientific Oil & Gas Equipment: Air and Water quality devices, analyzers, spectrophotometers, gas analyzers, pumps, power units, compressors, tubing, control systems, centrifuges, etc